Stillsexy2011 51 / 男
"Just make friends for networking, or meet to play...its all good!"
Dallas, 德克薩斯, 美 國
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德克薩斯, 美 國
德克薩斯, 美 國
德克薩斯, 美 國
德克薩斯, 美 國
德克薩斯, 美 國
德克薩斯, 美 國
Baden-Wurttemberg, 德國
德克薩斯, 美 國
德克薩斯, 美 國
Stillsexy2011 51/男
Dallas, Texas
You can never have too many friends, FWB, or lovers!
I have a very high sex drive, highly imaginative, and willing to experiment, I always have. I am very physically fit, flat stomach, and nicely muscled but I have to really work on it and it aint easy, nor have I always been in top shape so I understand that not everyone is. I am always interested in expanding my boundaries, or helping others expand theirs and mutually act our our fantasies...or at least discussing what they are to see which are of interest for both! I understand and respect the boundaries and off-limit rules of others. [COLOR green][/COLOR] Interested in finding others with mutual sexual, physical, and social attraction. A one time thing is OK and understandable, but a regular NSA or FWB friendship is the BEST! I always want to meet new people and find new friends...if something special happens now and then...well, Im only human, and a man, but Im always honest, sincere, and foremost, a gentleman! D&DF free, often and recently tested and expect the same of others. I have been fixed so no little mes swimming about there. Im lightly tanned, mostly smooth and more often than not clean shaven. I am an average hung guy, cut, not long, not short, maybe thick at the base, certainly not thin, but Im pretty sure I know how to use it. I am blessed with a handsome face and full head of hair from my father. Dark blond with grey slowly forming mostly in my temples, bluish eyes and a strong chin (well, you see my face in my profile dont you!). Wide shoulders, narrow-ish hips, and still muscular from a life long fitness lifestyle, but always working to maintain and improve! I can take charge or follow a lead. Im never pushy and understand nothing is taken for granted. I can also be very patient. I feel no need to rush, BUT, I don't like having my time wasted either. Im an adult, you are too. I try to be totally open and honest with you...always. Im never rude or abusive, don't play people, game them, or show disrespect to others by lying to them for personal gain or a hidden agenda. I just want stress free fun and erotic adventures and memories with the same open honesty and respect that I show. Remember gals, men are just human and have a real soul, sometimes vulnerable and capable of being hurt. Not all men are jerks, or players, or insensitive...there are still many good guys out there, and I feel Im one of them!

我的理想對象: Looking for fellow D&DF non-smokers who enjoy erotic sex!
I am attracted to people who are sexy inside and out and have a similar voracious sex drive willing to adventure. Though I have had some wonderful times with people with average body types who's sensuality and magnetism makes them immensely desirable I prefer slim, toned or athletic.

No inhibitions...well, lets say few or someone who wants to develop fewer inhibitions.

Beatles, Hendrix, Stones, EasyBeats, Pink Floyd, so many

給與口交, 享受口交, 肛交, 玩具 (振動器/人造陰莖/等。), 屎尿戀(水上運動/尿), 肛吻, 輕奴役, 3p, 互慰, 製作家庭"電影", 參與情色攝影, 偷窺狂., 手銬/腳鐐., 眼罩., 拳頭塞., 訊息.

根據其性經驗, 肉體吸引力, 一樣的、相似的性癖好, 是否只侷限於性愛而無進一步發展, 是否能接受三人以上甚或雜交的性愛方式, 性慾、對性愛的渴望, 願意討論與嘗試不同型態的性愛, 願意承諾自由的性關係, 對性愛是否夠大膽、有創意

not really


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  • 51 / 男性
  • Dallas, 德克薩斯, 美 國
尋找:  女性 或者 伴侶(男人和女人)
生日: 1969年 11月 3日
家鄉: Pittsburgh, PA
婚姻狀況: 離婚
身高: 6 ft 1 in / 185-187 cm
體型: 運動員型
吸煙: 我是不抽菸者
飲酒: 我是位輕微/社交飲酒者
嗑藥: 我從不嗑藥
教育程度: 碩士學位
職業: Int'l Business
種族: 白人
宗教: 唯心論
有孩子: 是的,我們不住在一起。
想要孩子: 我對所擁有的感到滿足
男性雄風: 一般/粗
已完成割禮/割包皮: 是的
說: 英語, 德語
頭髮顏色: 金色
頭髮長度: 短髮
眼睛顏色: 籃色
眼鏡或隱形眼鏡: 其中之一