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大年初九, 打炮長長久久  

hotpussycindy 30F  
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2/20/2021 1:23 am
大年初九, 打炮長長久久

今天是大年初九, 習慣都要祝福別人甚麼健康久久啦, 財富久久啦, 快樂久久之類的, 可是我比較想要的是小穴濕濕久久, 肉棒硬硬久久, 打炮久久, 高潮久久ㄟ, 呵呵!

Today is the 9th day of Lunar New Year, 9 and long are same pronunciation in Mandarin. So traditionally we greet and wish people on the day for long-lasting health, wealth and happiness. But I prefer wishing you a long-lasting hard cock to fuck my always wet and wild pussy, lol

請不要再盜用我的照片囉 Don't steal and use my photo again, please.

profcoquin27bis 56M
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2/20/2021 4:29 am

thanks a lot for your wishes

profcoquin27bis 56M
3839 posts
2/20/2021 4:37 am

splendid pic again, i loooove all your pic's

foxcatcher2013 35M
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2/20/2021 5:20 am


baas142 96M
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2/20/2021 5:37 am

長長久久 玲瓏有緻

Rayyonkers9900 56M  
167 posts
2/20/2021 5:39 am

Very erotic would love to slide your panties off and fuck your sweet ass

unworry 54M
347 posts
2/20/2021 7:55 am


seanmcdaniel84 36M
18 posts
2/20/2021 7:58 am

Best wishes of long lasting orgasms to you Cindy!
You have cutest, loveliest ass!

yakumo689 39M
402 posts
2/20/2021 5:56 pm


Yatamo 54M
234 posts
2/20/2021 6:29 pm


ClitLickB4DickU 62M  
1263 posts
2/20/2021 8:16 pm

Looks like the 9th Day of the Lunar New Year is for Begging to be Fucked Hard Doggie

Middleageduncl 43M
859 posts
2/21/2021 12:36 pm


ushuaia1993 27M
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3/3/2021 5:58 am


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